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The Nottingham Economic Review is a student run bi-annual journal whose purpose is to showcase undergraduate research and promote ongoing advancements in economic thought. Every semester we gather submissions and publish those which we believe contain the most thought provoking and insightful arguments while simultaneously capturing the interest of our readers. We also publish a section dedicated to features and editorials concerning current affairs alongside interviews and Q&A sessions.

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Fausto Gernone

Steven Thavendran

Matthew Hills

Associate Editors

Adam Sands

Arushi Sharan Prasad

Eneeysha Perera

Francis Lee-Saunders

Joshua Chan

Kumar Singh

Matthew Arofin

Mattias Nilsson

Mayu Amano

Paige Portal

Peter Reddy

Rosie Mahoney

Rushabh Maide

Shamima Manzoor

Swati Raipancholia

Ugam Sheth

Magazine Design

Jason Sayer

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Nottingham Economic Review
University of Nottingham
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About Us

In its eighth year now, the NER is a highly regarded student-run magazine that is continually developing new ideas, finding new ways to engage with readers and building on the success of its previous issues. It offers varied perspectives and insightful arguments on a range of economic and political issues, and features interviews with prominent economists and politicians such as Vince Cable, Tim Harford and the regular favourite Martin Wolf. Our team strives for quality and originality, something that we hope to share with our sponsors to help uphold the character of the NER.

Our audience

Our growing readership currently stands at about 1000 students, all from prestigious universities both in the UK and abroad. We attract some of the brightest and most passionate students in our submissions, and with our plans to expand our online presence we expect our reputation to continue to grow.

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Back page: £750.00     Double page: £600     One page: £350